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Implemented Category Option: Default tags

Discussion in 'Sportsbook Closed Suggestions' started by Bob, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The Category Add/Edit form now has a new input titled "Default tags". This allows you to add tags that you want to pre-load into the Tags input on the Add Event input forum for Events created in the specific category.

    Note: This only applies during the Add event process (does not come into play anywhere else).


    And now when someone clicks on "Add event" in the National Football League Category, the Tags input will be pre-loaded in with the default tags for the National Football League Category (as shown below).


    Note: These pre-loaded tags are not HIDDEN or FORCED, they can be removed prior to the member submitting the new event.

    Note 2: If the member creating the event does not have permission to tag events, these pre-loaded tags will NOT be added to the event.
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