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Category items block - title length


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@Bob ,
regarding the featured category items block at the top of the cat-page: is there may be an option somewhere to have more than just one line for the title? Titles in our showcase will be up to 100 characters max. and I ´m aware that this could lead to some styling issues. When this option isn´t available by now, could you tell me where I can edit this to our liking, please?

If you are asking about the "Category Page Items Slider", its not something that I will be changing, so you'll need to modify the CSS as it currently uses text-overflow: ellipsis on the title element. Ellipsis is limited to spanning one line (which is why its being used in the first place). I've seen a lot of people modify the slider, so you shouldn't have a problem (its pretty basic CSS).

nflj_showcase_layout_items_slider (This is the HTML template)
nflj_showcase_layout_items_slider.css (This is the main CSS file for Blocks)
nflj_showcase_bxslider.css (This is the main css for the js slider itself)