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Discussion in 'Showcase Support' started by e9coupe, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. e9coupe

    e9coupe New Member Showcase

    I think I asked this before but is there any documentation/user manual for Showcase? I hate asking newbie questions instead of finding it myself..

    I'd like to setup my Showcase to have two layers of navigation and can't figure it out. I know its simple but I'm missing it.

    I want the main Showcase page to look like...

    Car model 1
    Car model 2
    Car model 3
    Car model 4

    ... and only show those categories, then open up each category to show only that list of cars. Right now, every submission into the Showcase shows up at the main level even though they're saved in separate categories. If I set parent/child relationships it doesn't change how they display. I know its right in front of me but I'm not recognizing it.
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    No, the only documentation are the discussion threads in the Implemented suggestions forum. I explain in detail how each implemented feature works.

    The Main Showcase page has 2 MAJOR ways of being handled. The first way is the common Index List, which lists ALL items. The list can be sorted and filtered. The second way is the MODULAR Layout, which is an Advanced Option as it requires a more complex setup.

    From the looks of your post, you want to use MODULAR Layout (so that you display a block of content for 4 different categories), am I correct?

    What is your CATEGORY structure (screen shot would be helpful). You need to have that setup correctly first before anything.
  3. e9coupe

    e9coupe New Member Showcase

    Here's my current structure, which is one level. The easiest way to describe it is for it be like a classifieds page. There would be these six categories and the user would select one to open up and see the listings for that category only. Parent/Child with only the Parent displaying at the first level.

    Attached Files:

  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Cept that I have NO CLUE what that means and how it functions. Maybe post a LINK to a site so I can see it in action. It almost sounds like you want an INDEX (a listing of ALL content) to start with and then be able to FILTER the content by a CATEGORY. If so, there is no FILTERING by Category on Showcase Index. The Closest thing would be to use MODULAR Layout, but that only displays x amount of items per modular block and its not sortable or filterable. Its designed to be more of a PORTAL style page. Then the CATEGORY page itself would display ALL content within that category.
  5. e9coupe

    e9coupe New Member Showcase

    Moving the Categories list to the left would be a good enough solution for me but I'm getting the width problem that causes the bottom slide bar mentioned in thread below. For now I'll just keep it in the default layout...

    Sidebar on left side for Showcase home
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