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Updated Cash value is rounded in alerts and membercards



When someone's wager on an outcome ends being winner, the alert says "You won $2 on Winner: Team B via Team A vs Team B" instead of "You won $2.35 on Winner: Team B via Team A vs Team B".

Also on membercards the value of cash is rounded too.

I think you should display the amount using two decimals.

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Seems like the value isn't rounded anymore on alerts since 1.10.2, however it is still rounded on membercard (althought I don't know if it is intentional - if it is, then please ignore this suggestion).
Everything that I felt needed to display 2 decimal spots was updated. I've since updated a few more (to include Sportsbook Cash on the member card).
When you try to place a wager, it looks like the value is rounded too. This creates confusion because the system could say something like: "you currently have $100 available to wager on this outcome" when in fact you could have $99.95 so if the member enters $100 (to wager all his available money) then the system will show "You do not have enough available cash to cover the wager placed!" and the member will get crazy because he will ask himself: "the system says that I have $100 and I'm entering $100, why do it then says that I don't have enough money?"
I think you can mark this as Updated since it appears that 1.10.3 deals with those.
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