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Cannot rate.

Discussion in 'Showcase Support' started by Lurch, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Lurch

    Lurch New Member Showcase

    Evening guys,

    I've installed Showcase and its running great - exactly what we wanted.
    We just moved from VB to XF and needed to replace our VBPro Garage.

    However (no matter how many times I check and double check permissions) the star rating isnt working.
    I'm assuming I should just be able to click on a star? (ala eBay feedback)
    But nothing, nada.

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    There are 3 Rating System types that each category can have:
    • No Ratings
    • Rating Only
    • Rate & Review
    Ratings Only is an AJAX rating system, ie, you simply click on the star and it is "rated" (and all the ajax magic happens)

    Rate & Review will pop up an overly (similar to the Resource Manager) and depending if you force a review, you can either submit just the rating or fill in the appropriate information for the review.

    Each category has these settings. There is not a GLOBAL setting. If you create an item in Category A and move it to Category B, it is Category B's settings that take effect, not the category that you created it in (so keep that in mind). There is also no inheritance, ie, child cats do not inherit the parent settings.

    There are 2 permissions associated with ratings:
    • Rate & Review Items
    • Rate & Review Own Items
    Rate & Review Items = permission to rate any item in the system.

    Rate & Review Own Items = IF the person has the Rate & Review Items permission set, then are they also able to rate/review their own if this one is ALSO set. You MUST have both set to be able to rate your own items. You can't just set this one as it does nothing without the other.

    The ONLY place that you can rate an item is on the ITEM PAGE itself (in the Item Sidebar).

    Also, when the person has permission to rate and has not yet rated the item, it will say "Rate this Item: ____ * * * * *" When they have already rated OR do not have permission, it will say "Rating: _____ * * * * *"

    Only other thing I can think of would be to make sure the js files for showcase were properly uploaded.
  3. Lurch

    Lurch New Member Showcase

    That would explain it.... i dont seem to have a sidebar

  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Looks like you are using BD Widget Framework and have the "Clear Sidebar" widget enabled. You are going to not do that as Showcase uses the core Xenforo Sidebar for several of its pages.
  5. Lurch

    Lurch New Member Showcase


    Thank you.
    Now to try and work out how to remove all the other 'standard' Xenforo widgets (as theyre now duplicated in Widget framework.
  6. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    on the Position setting, I THINK you can just list a comma separated list of templates to display the sidebar on. I've seen people use it with sportsbook (another addon of mine) and it works together with it (somehow). Maybe someone can chime in if they read this on how they do both :)
  7. Lurch

    Lurch New Member Showcase

    Just found the sidebar in forum_index and used <xen:comment>
  8. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    that will do it as well :)
  9. Lurch

    Lurch New Member Showcase

    Thanks for the help mate.
  10. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    you are most welcome :)
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