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Implemented [bd] WF Renderer: Showcase: Items


Staff member
Showcase 2.6.0 beta 1 includes a NEW [bd] WF Renderer named "Showcase: Items".

This renderer is designed for those of you that want/need to display Showcase Items in 'Item List Layout' format (Article View, List View, Grid View, News View, News View II, Custom View and Custom View II) on full page width (not for sidebar use!). This comes in really handy for [bd] WF Pages and Portal Addons that use the [bd] WF as a base (can even add widgets to addons like CTA FT&P through custom hooks). This is a really powerful tool.

Here is a screen shot of the options for this renderer. As you can see, you can choose the Item List Layout type, the sort order for fetching items along with all the same layout options you have for other showcase areas.


And here are 2 sample screen shots of Widgets made from the Renderer for a [bd] WF Page.

This first one is News View (the 2nd one is News View II).


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