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Attachments show up as links


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Attachments that users have been adding to their Showcase items have been showing up as links instead of images/thumbnails. Permissions are set to allow for viewing attachments. This feature works in other parts of the site, such as the forums and AMS.

Attachments can only be embedded into the message field for a given content type (which for Showcase is the message field for Tab 1). Your screen shot appears to be of a Rich Text Custom Field which you can NOT embed attachments into.

What you can do is use the attachment LINK itself with the IMG BBCode. Selection_163.png


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Thank you! They are rich text fields -- I didn't realize that the attachment embeds didn't work with those.
Its not that they don't, its that you can only embed attachments into a SINGLE Rich Text Editor for a given piece of content (and the content type associates the uploaded attachments with a specific editor that they can be embedded into (in the case that there are more than one Rich Text Editor on a give form)). Its the way XenForo attachment system is designed. There is no work around (other than to do what I explained above).

If a POST had 2 editors and you uploaded attachments to that post, you could only embed the uploaded attachments into ONE of the 2 editors.