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Implemented Article Prompts


Staff member
As per title, I've implemented Article Prompts (same Abstract System as Thread Prompts, only for AMS Articles).

This is a standardized system, so the behaviors are the same as I've I am using all of the Abstract Controllers, Entities, Repositories and base admin templates.

As you can see, there is a new section for Article prompts. The landing page will list all prompts that you've added and are grouped by prompt groups.

The default article prompt is also included and you can edit it directly from this page.

All Prompts are PHRASES, to include the default Prompt.
  • Default article prompt phrase: ams_article_prompt.default.
  • Prompt phrase format: [content_type]_prompt.prompt_id eg ams_article_promp

Article Categories. You can also manage Prompts for Article Categories from the Category Add/Edit form, similar to Prefixes and Custom Fields.


Here you can see a custom article prompt

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