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Implemented Article Create/Edit form changes


Staff member
The Article Create and Edit forms for AMS 1.5.0 have several changes.

First Change: The TITLE and ARTICLE Inputs are now the first 2 main inputs at the TOP of the form (similar to UBS Blog Entries and Discussion Threads).



2nd Change: The File Constraints, Upload a File button and Attached Files has been moved to the base of the Article EDITOR (as image attachments are slaved to the article editor). The Preview Button is also moved up (since only the Article editor text is output for the preview).


3rd change: Original Source (when enabled) will be just below the Attached Files.


Fourth Change: Preview/Description, Location, Fields, Video etc moved further down in the form instead of being ABOVE the ARTICLE Input (which was causing a lot of confusion).


5th change: Post as Update is now UNCHECKED to prevent accidental pushing of Alerts, eMails and discussion thread posts when the viewing user simply was editing something. Its also listed FIRST (before Options) as its actually part of a save action, not an option.

You'll also notice that the upload files button is missing (that is because its located above with the attachments.


NOTE: There might be more tweaking of this before AMS 1.5.0 Stable.
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