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Are Articles Moderated by Default?

Semper Fidelis

New Member
AMS Premium
When I set Usergroup permissions for AMS, I notice there is a permission for "Bypass moderation queue when creating articles" permission. I'm hoping this is not a per Category Option but that, if I make this Not Set (No) for a particular Usergroup that all their articles go to a Moderation queue, yes?
Articles, Comments and Reviews are sent to the Moderation Queue by default. This follows the same standards as XenForo itself.

Each AMS Content Type (Article, Comment and Review) has a Bypass moderation queue permission that can be set at the GLOBAL permissions Level for Individual Users or User Groups.




AMS also has a CATEGORY permissions system which are just like the XenForo NODE Permissions System. This is for when you need to FINE TUNE permissions on a CATEGORY Level which will override any GLOBAL Level permissions.

Example. If you have the registered user group set to Not Set (NO) for bypass, but you have a Category that you want the registered group to bypass, you'd go to the AMS Categories Index in the Admin CP, click on Permissions for that particular category, choose the Registered User group and set the Bypass to Allow. You can do just the oppsite (Revoke in a Category something that is set in the Global).

Its VERY powerful.