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Implemented AMS Home Page Description


Staff member
thelaw said:
Suggestion for AMS (added to Showcase too):

1. AMS Description - the description for your AMS home page just like you get for your Category pages which is called "Category Description" which is shown when you click any category.

2. Optimal: Show or not show on page. Right now what you type into the Category Description will be printed to the screen. Option to just keep this a meta description or use for both.

This has been implemented.

There is a new option on the Home Page TAB (very first option). This is the same type of setting as the BOARD Meta Description. Default is EMPTY (which will use the Board Meta Description). To override the Board Meta, simply fill in a description (plain text only as its only used as the meta description).


This is the template code used in both regular index and modular index templates. If first checks to see if there is an AMS Index Description and if there is, it will use that. If not, then it will use the Board Description.
<xen:container var="$head.description">
    <meta name="description" content="{xen:if '{$xenOptions.amsIndexDescription}', '{$xenOptions.amsIndexDescription}', '{$xenOptions.boardDescription}'}" /></xen:container>

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