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Implemented Affiliate link


Staff member
This was funded by @Alexov

This has been implemented in LD 2.2.18. This is a permissions based feature, so you can monetize this and or limit this to specific User Groups.


When the viewing user has permission to set an affiliate link, there will be a new input below the URL input as shown in the screenshot below.


The Affiliate Link needs to be the FULL AFFILIATE LINK (as the field description shows and as the screenshot below shows).

Note: since the affiliate link is a FULL URL, you can use short URLs as long as they comply to URL standards (the Service and Browser will reject any non standard URLs).


OK, so what does this do? When an affiliate link is present, that will be the actual external link that the viewing user is taken to, however, the viewable URL will be the URL that is set in the URL field.

As you can see here, the VIEWABLE URL is what ever is added to the URL field, however, since there is an affiliate URL, the LINK itself is the affiliate link.


Same with the [Go to website] button. You can see when hovering over the button that the button title text is displaying the URL field, however, the LINK is set using the Affiliate Link.


This applies to where ever Link Directory displays the external URL.
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