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Add 'Most Liked' & 'Most Reviewed' sort TAB and Tabbed Items Block


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Dear @Bob B

I REALLY need this. Like real bad. It's super important. I would do it myself but I am what is commonly referred to as mentally retarded.

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This has been implemented and will be available in SC 2.2.0
  • Two new Sort Order Tabs on all Showcase Pages that have sortable Listings:
    • Most Reviewed
    • Most Liked
  • Two new Tabs for the Forum Home Tabbed Items Sidebar Block
    • Most Reviewed Items Tab
    • Most Liked Items Tab
NOTE: These are NOT available for the [bd] Widget Framework or XenPorta. If anyone wants these, I will created them as a paid request.
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Ok. I will need it for the xenporta tabbed widget. When can we expect 2.2.0?

P.S. Good to hear from you Bob.
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At least a week, probably more like 2 or 3. So many factors involved to have a solid time frame.