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Implemented Activity Log Handler and Trending Content Handler for Blog Entries


Staff member
As per title, I've implemented an Activity Log Handler and a Trending Content Handler for the content type ubs_blog_entry.

The Activity Log Handler is used to collect various stats for blog entries. One of the uses of that data, is by the Trending Content Handler.

The Trending Content Handler adds ubs blog entries as part of the trending system, which is pretty basic right now as their is a Trending Content Widget Definition that allows you to create "Trending" widgets and one of the Widget Definition Options includes being able to set a specific content type aka ubs_blog_entry to create Trending Blog Entries Widgets (and of course, the default is all content types mixed).

Here you can see a UBS Blog Entry displaying in a Trending Content Widget (Display style: simple, which is designed for narrow displays like sidenav & sidebar).


Here you can see a UBS Blog Entry in a Trending Content Widget using the Display type "Standard", which is a grid based layout type (shared by other uses like Featured Content and Article Threads).


Here you can see a UBS Blog Entry in a Trending Content Widget using the Display type "Carousel", which like the above layout type, is shared by other use cases like Featured Content.


Anyway, not going to explain the Trending Content Handler itself as you can read about that in the HYS Forum at XenForo.com

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