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Accepted Bet - Is there a "Settle" option?


New Member
Just going through the processes of each bet and I have noticed that there is no option to submit results. I am currently in the "Accepted"stage but can't seem to find any link or button that allows me to post results so that I can push this bet into the settlement stage. Do I have to wait until the "Close Date" time expires before doing so?
The Settle functionality kicks in after the close date. The Close date is supposed to be set to right before the event the bet is associated with starts, that way once the event is over, the bet can be settled.
Is there any way to bypass the clock by creating a button that pushes to the next step?
What if two users wanted to place a bet. The bet would be on which team reachea 5 wins first. It sucks that users would have to wait an entire season to claim that bet
Is there any way to bypass the clock by creating a button that pushes to the next step?
Not without modification (to both programming code and templates).

I am always OPEN to suggestions, so if you have a suggestion(s), feel free to post it(them) in the suggestions forum.

btw, the Bet can be EDITED and the Close Date can be changed. It has to be a date/time in the future, however, all you need to do is set it 1 minute into the future, save, wait for 60 seconds and boom, the bet is not in "Awaiting" status which kicks in the Settlement Functionality.