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About associated discussion threads

Discussion in 'AMS Support' started by Robert9, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. Robert9

    Robert9 Member AMS Showcase Sportsbook

    Unfortunately the people of XF have a lot of limits build in XF. For example we use the xf_thread.discussion_type to connect RM and other tables to a thread. But this means we always connect ONE thing to a thread. And i love to use a thread for many things (with all the problems putting tabs together. :)

    And now imagine this:

    In the calendar i add a Christmas-Party.
    Also i write an article (or short information) in the AMS.
    Maybe i want to sell some funny costumes also for christmas in my shop.
    And in the RM i add some PDFs with songs to learn before.

    Hoh hoh how - now i have four threads more or less with the same infos. Because i dont like this, i add them all to one thread. And funny, funny - i dont get a new value for "thread_id" in the tables, where i need them, i have to add this by hand - if possible.

    The wiki-man for example has no interest in changing the thread-id; and if i remember right, there are more issues.

    I am not sure, if it is a good idea to melt threads and give the article automatically a new thread_id; probably this needs an addon like:

    melt threads?
    is there an AMS-thread also?
    then show a checkbox "change amd thread_id"

    Maybe this is a nice idea, maybe i will try to solve it.
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    There are NO limitations built into XenForo that prevent you from developing a system that lets you associate a single discussion thread to multiple content types.

    I've developed several Bespoke CMS's for clients over the past decade that have the ability to connect a single discussion thread to multiple pieces of content (a single thread connected to an Article, Product, Resource). I've also developed functionality that allows multiple threads to be associated with a single piece of content (offering different focused types of discussion).

    I've mentioned this to you dozens of times... you really should develop your own Bespoke CMS instead of trying to modify existing addons that have features that are designed differently then how you want them designed. You are going to end up driving yourself MAD over it. It would be much easier on you to just develop (from scratch) a bespoke CMS. This is what 1000's of XF license holders do instead of using a generic addon like XFMG or XFRM or Showcase or AMS. Generic addon are NICE, however, they CAN NOT and NEVER WILL be on the same level as a Bespoke CMS.

    Anyway.... good luck in attempting to modify the existing associated discussion thread functionality in XFRM/AMS/Showcase as its NOT designed to do what you want it to do, so the ENTIRE (not bits and pieces here and there), THE ENTIRE system would need to be replaced with a NEW system that is designed to be able to associate multiple content types to a single thread (and it can be done, because I've DONE IT).
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