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Article Management System 2.2 Beta


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Hi Bob,

I plan to set up a new project with 2.2 from scratch.
  • Is there already a 2.2 Beta-compatible AMS version or is it planned for the near future?
  • Is it possible to use AMS and Xenporta together on one page?
AMS 2.2.0 Beta 1 will be available to Premium license holders probably within the next 2 weeks or so (beta's are not available to Standard license holders).

Is it possible to use AMS and Xenporta together on one page?
IIRC, XenPorta has some Widget Locations, so you can create AMS releated Widgets with the 7+ AMS Widget Definitions to add AMS content to XenPorta (pretty sure 1000's of AMS and Showcase license holders have been doing this with XF2 for years now).
Hi Bob,

Well, then I will set up an additional protected test installation with 2.1 until the beta is available to familiarize myself with the AMS. I assume that this is covered by the license terms.

Thanks for your reply!

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Has anyone tested the addons as-is for 2.2 beta?
I've been running XF 2.2 on my sports site since it was released and both Pickem and Sportsbook run just fine with the exception of associated discussion threads for Sportsbook (which I've already made the neccessary changes for Forum Type and Thread Type support in Sportsbook 2.2.0. If you use associated discussion threads and you are wanting to upgrade your production site to a BETA, then I would suggest waiting as thread association will be broken.