showcase 2.5.2

  1. Bob

    Implemented Responsive Social Sharing Buttons

    As per title, Showcase has replaced the old social share sidebar block with the Responsive Social Sharing Buttons that are popular throughout the internet on various web sites. This is a [PAID] customization that the client has generously donated back to the addon for all license holders to...
  2. O

    Implemented Xenforo Tag Pages - display Showcase results XFMG style

    When viewing all items for a given tag, Showcase items appear as follows: e.g: (Showcase cover image appears in avatar box) I would like to see an option to restyle Showcase items on the Tag page appear like XFMG results do, like this: e.g...
  3. 3rd angle

    Partially Implemented Gallery suggestion: Fotorama

    Hi @Bob, The current Gallery UI is good but the thumbnails on the top could be placed at the bottom so that visitors are shown the main contents when they open the page. Also it's be good if the current gallery can be presented in a slider format.. The current Gallery seems to wasted a lot of...
  4. Sami

    Fixed RTL Issues

    Hello, I have some issues related to RTL support. LTR (Screenshot) RTL Also there is a problem with featured ribbon and featured content
  5. 3rd angle

    Implemented Most Recent X Reviews below the SC Items

    Is it possible to allow us to set a SC category which will put the reviews below the SC items where comments are located? Right now it is located inside a tab.. which is not easily visible... if we can pull them down below the item page.. it will be a true review system I thought SC be adapted...