showcase 2.5.0

  1. 3rd angle

    Implemented Option to disable Pros and Cons per category

    I need to disable the pros and cons in review for few categories..... how can we achieve this? I know if it is left blank it doesn't show anything... but that would confuse my users. We need to disable pros/ cons and author ratings for some categories... plz give us this option
  2. Bob

    Implemented Tags: Integrate with Core XenForo TAGS Handler

    Source: Core XenForo recently implemented Thread Tagging and with that implementation, also included a Tags Handler which allows Addons to integrate with the core system. Existing Showcase Item tags will be converted into the...
  3. Alpha1

    Implemented Output Item Name in Item field's Value Display HTML

    Right now in the item fields you can add the {$value} {$valueUrl} {$choice} {$fieldId} {$itemId} to the Value Display HTML, could an {$itemName} be added, so that a itemsName can be placed into the value display html content. So for eg if the Showcase item Tesla is viewed the value display html...
  4. 0

    Implemented Option to enable/disable Author Rating per Category

    I would like to have the option to turn it this off.