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You could quote only part of an article

Discussion in 'AMS Suggestions' started by urivil, May 2, 2023.

  1. urivil

    urivil New Member AMS

    Several users have commented that they are unable to quote part of an article when writing a comment on the article, so if you want to comment on a certain sentence from the article it is impossible.
    You should enable the possibility of quoting certain words from the article, similar to the possibility of quoting part of each post.
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Fairly certain that the XenForo "Quotable interface" system only works within the same content type... eg, quoting a Post (content type 'post') to another Post or quoting an AMS comment (content type 'ams_comment') to another AMS comment.

    Multi-Quote (which is part of the "Quotable interface" system) only works within the same content type as well.. eg, you can't multi-quote several posts and then add them to an XFMG comment, even tho XFMG's comments system uses the core XF quotable interface (go ahead and try it at XenForo.com).

    With that said, I will leave this open so that I can look into it a bit deeper to see if there is a way to TRICK the system ;)
  3. urivil

    urivil New Member AMS

    Hi, to my deep regret, I don't understand programming too much... but I understand enough to understand that it's a bit complicated to implement.
    Of course, I would be happy if you manage to find a way to bypass the system, it's always welcome :)

    Thank you very much for the detailed response
    Bob likes this.
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