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XF2 AMS Friendly URLs


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I found the phrase to change the navbar from Articles to Blog, but am I able to change the links from /ams/, /whats-new/ams-articles, etc. to /blog/, /whats-new/blog-posts/, etc. respectably?

I noticed on this site it's /articles/ and not /ams/ but defaults to /ams/ on a fresh install.

'ams' is the default ROUTE. You can apply a ROUTE FILTER (which is a core XF function) to change the route 'ams' to 'articles'.




/whats-new/ams-articles/, etc. to /whats-new/blog-posts/
You can apply a route filter to this as well (altho, you'll have a lot of phrasing to deal with).


As you can see, the URL is using the route filter instead of the real route and the Articles Tab is active and its displaying the New Article tab of the Find New system. The only thing you'd still need to do is a lot of phrase editing.

Awesome as always, @Bob . Providing support for a product that isn't even yours. I guess there's much more I need to learn. :)
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Looks like the only one that can't be changed is this one:
But, it overall gives XenForo a more comfortable feel by having a "blog" (as many are used to that terminology from WordPress).

If there's a workaround on this, let me know, but it's not too big of a bother. :)
'ams_article' is the CONTENT TYPE for the specific piece of content that is indexed in search (in this case, an AMS Article). Content types can't be changed.
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