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Not Planned [XF1] XF Resource Manager integration (show related files)


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Similar to how the Image Gallery tab shows related media, I would like to be able to show related files.
As I host files in the resource manager I would like to request integration with the xenforo RM.

It would work similar to the XMG integration, except that the Item author would select the resource manager category. The showcase tab would then show all files from the XFRM category.
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Not clear on what you are asking for...

Category 1
-- Resource 1
-- -- file 1
-- -- file 2
-- -- file 3
-- -- file 4
-- Resource 2
-- -- file 21
-- -- file 22
-- -- file 23
-- -- file 24
-- Resource 3
-- -- file 31
-- -- file 32
-- -- file 33
-- -- file 34

So you want to associate Category 1 to a single showcase and display/be able to download the 12 files from the 3 resources in the above example?

There are a lot of different scenarios involved with this, so probably need to get much more specific. I'll mark this as open for discussion for more in depth information/ideas.
I dont think the above example is what most sites have. Most sites have:

Category 1
-- Resource 1
-- -- file 1
-- Resource 2
-- -- file 2
-- Resource 3
-- -- file 3
-- Resource 4
-- -- file 4
-- Resource 5
-- -- file 5
-- Resource 6
-- -- file 6
-- Resource 7
-- -- file 7
-- Resource 8
-- -- file 8

Your question is the same. I would like all resource manager entries to be visible on a single showcase. Some of my showcases will have hundreds of related resource manager entries.
I am not sure if being able to download the files is feasible. It would be nice, but I would be more than happy if people can see all resources related to a showcase.

To illustrate: I use my resource manager for studies. The showcase item will showcase all information about a specific topic. I would like to display what studies have been done on the topic. For many of my showcases there will be a related XFRM category.
Now that tags are part of Xenforo these can also be used to pull up similar RM items . If the article has tag X, Y, Z, then show items with tags X, Y or Z. In chronological order.
love this idea.

Here's another scenario. Users have submitted resources in several categories:

Category 1:
  • Resource Item 1
Category 2:
  • Resource Item 2
and so on..

When this same user opens a showcase item, i'd want him to be able to list all his resource items (from all categories) under a tab. Chronological or most popular (sorting). or a sidebar block listing his/her Resource items just like there is "More Items by User" block. That'd be awesome.
This would be really nice.
I wnat to let lawyers and professors (in a special category) to showcase their books and articles. Until now, they can easily showcase it and also associate their (own) xfmg albumes with any of their items. But if they become able to choose any of their resourses (articles) that they submitted in xfrm, will be awesome.
(Of course with SC 2.5.3 users will be able to upload other files too, but being able to integrate with xfrm will be a powerful tool too.