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Not Planned [XF1] XenPorta Block "ShowcaseImages" and...


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... the widget Showcase: Image Gallery

Hi Bob,

is it possible to show in this Block and this widget more images from one item and not only the albumcover of this item?

Best regards form germany
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Good morning,

of course an example :)

I have 20 items, any item includes 20 gallery pictures. so i have 400 pictures in my showcase.

The maximum number of Images to display is at 50.

The block ShowcaseImages in XenPorta will show only the 20 album covers of the items and not any picture of the other 380 pictures

so, it would be nice to see 30 other pictures in this slider too. is this possible?

is it necessary? i don´t know. in a small gallery certainly. later, with 400 items and 400 album covers not more.

and now i have my last day in my company before my holidays :cool:

Bob, you´ve done a good job with this addon ;)

merry christmas to all members here.
No, I am still not clear what you want. All images associated with an item are exposed, so you can (if you want) modify the block to display more images if that is what you are wanting to accomplish.
Hi and ok, i will try it again :)

When i have only one item in showcase with ten pictures in this item gallery, the block ShowcaseImages in XenPorta will show only one picture,
of course the album cover and only the album cover.
I think it will be nice to see the other nine pictures in xenporta of this one item too.

And now i hope you understand my german translation ;)
So if you have 10 Items and there are 75 images combined in those 10, you want to display all 75? Its either 1 or ALL for EACH item.
So if you have 10 Items and there are 75 images combined in those 10, you want to display all 75?
Hi Bob,

if it is possible, maybe like a random sequence, yes.

Here in your showcase you have 25 items an 91 images. if you activate the showcaseblock for xenporta you could only see the 25 item covers.
You'd be better off requesting a custom Block/Widget as what you want to do would require to much modification/customization to the existing one (plus, I am NOT changing the existing one as it was a PAID request and can not change it).

I've created dozens of custom widgets/blocks for license holders.