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Not Planned [XF1] Tab dropdowns for showcase items


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To allow for more item tabs to be displayed in a nice way, please add tab drop downs.

For example: I would like to have 24 tabs, but that would be a mess. :eek:
If I could arrange those neatly under a few drop down tabs, then I just need to have 7 main tabs. And that would look much better.
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Not sure about this one because of the combination of Tab Container (Tabs 1-5 and the Image Gallery) and tab navigation (Custom Field Tabs, User Reviews Tab and Discussion Tab). Can you point me to a site that has Tab CONTAINER functionality (not Tabbed Navigation) with Tab Drop downs that switch container content?
It would have to be a custom function. The problem with too many visible tab container tabs is something that pops up at various places in xenforo. For example on member profile where many addons add their own tab, which can lead to multiple rows of tabs. The same is true for showcase items if many tabs are needed. Tab dropdowns are the most elegant solution I can think of.
I am marking this not considered. This is something (for now) that you will have to pursue on your own. If core XF (or another solid developer) comes up with a better solution for Tabs, then I will consider it.
Fair enough.