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Not Planned [XF1] Importing RSS Feeds


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I would like to submit a suggestion on possibly accepting RSS feeds for submissions. So if I create a showcase item, in my case I catalog podcast shows, a user could submit their podcast feed and under a custom tab it would pull in the information from that feed. iTunes does it this way and I am not asking for something specific for podcasts, just RSS in general. Perhaps there is a topic or something that could be RSS'd in.

In my specific case, I want to have a user submit their show RSS and let Showcase import it in and some how play it like iTunes, but just having a RSS import feature to start with would be awesome.
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So you want a custom tab to display RSS content from the RSS Feed URL that the user inputs? I don't use RSS myself, so I am not completely clear on what you are expecting to happen once the user inputs the Feed URL.
Bob, let me create a visual mockup and post it in a day or so. I tend to convey my messages better graphically.