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Not Planned [XF1] Forum Home Node List Random



Currently there are options to show most recent, top rated ect options to show showcase items. But can there be a simple random option? To show random items from the showcase?

I hope this can be easily implemented :)
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Random puts a HUGE load on your system when you have a lot of items which is why I tend to stay away from adding any "random" type listings in core.
Ok, in that case I don't op for this. I thought it wasn't as though but now you say this I understand the problem when using rand. But this might be helpful for random selects from a lot of records:


But, for me performance is most important. So if it is not possible without using much resources, don't implement :) I have too much queries already on my homepage :)
using RAND in a query is VERY intensive. its not the number of queries that you need to be concerned with, its what each query is actually doing. 1 HEAVY query (like doing a RAND against 1000's of items) is worse than multi properly indexed queries.
Just speaking up saying I'd too find this feature very interesting if you can find a way to implement it without causing excessive load.
Its not so bad when you don't have A LOT of items. I guess I could look into adding it and just add a note saying that it is a very intensive process and could slow load times down.. ie, use at your own discretion.