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[XF1] FAQs

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Why are my Items not displaying on the Showcase Home Page in any of the modules?

Answer: There are multiple reasons that this can occur.

1 - In order for any item to be included in any of the modules on the home page, it must have at least 1 image uploaded to it (uploaded into the items gallery, not embedded into content).

2 - Each module on the home page can be disabled via the Showcase Options in the Admin CP. When you set the amount of items to be displayed to 0, that will disable the module

3 - Top Rated. Only Items that have been Rated will display in this module.

4 - Moderated Items. Items that are set to moderated will not display anywhere except the Moderation Queue and in the Items Management (in the Admin CP).
When I log in with an admin account, I can not see the Showcase Management Links on the Applications Tab.

Reason: Showcase has an Administrator Permission that is needed in order to view any showcase administrative functions.

To resolve this, you need to give each admin the Administrator Permission 'Manage Showcase'

Users >> Administrators >> Edit the particular Administrator >> Check 'Manage Showcase' >> Save
How do I set the size of the Thumbnail Block in the new Grid View?

The new Grid View has some STYLE PROPERTY SETTINGS (Appearance >> Styles >> Master Style >> Style Property Groups >> Grid View Responsive Design

The DEFAULT responsive layout settings are for LARGER thumbnails (300x225). If you set your thumbnails to be created at a smaller size, you will need to adjust the responsive rows to allow more blocks per row or you will simply end up with the same size blocks with lower resolution.

If your thumbnail width is less then 250, you really should change to 4-3-2-1 instead of 3-2-2-1

NOTE: Style properties need to be set for each particular style.

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