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Not Planned [XF1] edit/add the icon after the item is saved

This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
In order to set a Cover Image, there has to be Image Attachments uploaded to the Item. So in your case, you need to edit the item and UPLOAD some images. When you save it, the system will assign one of them as the Cover Image. Now that your item has some images, you don't need to EDIT the item to set a different one. In the TOOLS dropdown, there will be a link for you to "Set Cover Image". This will launch and overlay that will let you choose which of the uploaded images attachments you want to set as the cover image.

This isn't like the RM where there is an ICON uploader.

But now the gallery have a duplicate image. :(

But now the gallery have a duplicate image. :(
huh? HOW? The gallery consists of images that are uploaded via the Showcase Attachments. There is a special XFMG Album integration that allows you to display images from a XFMG album, however, those can't be used for COVER IMAGE, they are display only.
Well usually I think that showcase's users want to use directly uploaded images OR album gallery not both.

If the cover can be set only from the uploaded images, who have used an album as image gallery for SC will end up like me with a duplicate photo in the showcase gallery.

Maybe have an option to use a dedicated image (not from the showcase gallery) as the resource manager icon OR one of the already uploaded images can be the solution if can be pulled from XFMG album.