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Not Planned [XF1] Allow BBcode video embeds in Gallery


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I would love to allow users to add links to their Youtube videos directly in their photo gallery for their item. This is common in many gallery add-ons these days. It would behave just like a photo, except that instead of using an upload dialog box the user would enter a URL into a field, and upon submission it would create a thumbnail of the video and embed a video player so the viewer could watch the video within the page where the larger photo would be.

I'm currently allowing users to enter video links into a custom field via a textarea input which is less than ideal. I'd like them to be able to store their photos and videos together in their gallery. And in a perfect world, the user would be able to browser an item's photos and videos separately, as opposed to having all of the photos and videos grouped together.

If this sounds like something you'd like for your Showcase installation please like this post so Bob can add it to his priority list.
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I think this is a great idea, the ability to add rich media like YouTube videos or SoundCloud playlists into the Gallery.

I have implemented YouTube videos as a custom profile field for my showcase but it only allows for the display of one video and it is less than ideal. I would love for expanded support of media within Showcase's gallery function.

My community is music based so soundcloud playlists and YouTube embeds are much of our content. If, as a stopgap you want to use my Javascript display HTML to parse YouTube URLs, get the video ID, and generate an embed code I posted mine here.
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Please, more people like the first post!!!!!!! This seems like a no-brainer, but more people need to show Bob that it's something they could use. The only way to do this is to Like the post.
I agree videos are extremely useful and are more immersing for users - where a picture paints a thousand words, videos paint millions lol
+1 on this
If you do it by adding support for full XFMG media integration that would be awesome!