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XenPorta - ShowcaseImages


I have just noticed that after the upgrade to Showcase_2_1_0 my XenPorta - ShowcaseImages are showing like this. I did also upload the XenPorta - ShowcaseImages - upload - library to my root.

did you install the block XML again? If not, you will need to do that. Also, that block is NOT designed for the sidebar, its designed for the middle column. You might have to do some tweaking to get it to work and look good in the sidebar.
Could be an issue with your custom style. Does it do the same with the default style (core XF). And did you UPGRADE the block? You never answered. If you didn't upgrade the block, you need to do so as there were changes to it.
That would be great as I am not expecting great things from my thread at XF asking about this :D

I will just send you an admin user account now so you have it when you have the time to have a look for me
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Posting an IMAGE will not help me any. I will need to see how that STYLE changes core XF. Can you show me on your site where it does this with the Core XF default style?
I know, I just have not had any free time to troubleshoot an issue with a 3rd party style (troubleshooting issues with 3rd party styles/addons does not fall under support). If this was an issue with the Core XF style, then that would fall under support as it would be a BUG (I wouldn't even release it if it didn't work with core XF).

It works fine on your site on the default Core XF style, so its not an issue with your server or conflicts with another addon. It boils down to an issue with the style itself. It could be several things. Maybe the style changes core XF CSS that I use as a base in my own CSS file (which the style obviously wouldn't handle that). It could also be a conflict with XenPorta and the style. It could also be issues with the JS as it too has its own CSS (could be conflicting CSS attributes). I won't know until I have some free time to look into it. There are multiple things involved here... two 3rd party addons and a 3rd party style.
Ok then not to worry I misunderstood your post above about wanting to look at it

You didn't misunderstand anything. I said I'd look into it when I had time. I have not had time yet. Im just trying to explain that this does not fall under normal support as it is an issue that involves a PAID 3rd party style (which I don't have) plus another addon. That kind of support I do on my own time when I have time (which I've not had much of lately).
There is really no rush on looking at this I just thought that you may have been under the impression it was fixed in your new release that is the only reason I posted it here again. :D
no worries. The reason for all the block updates were to take the NEW Category "View" Permissions into consideration. Before, you as an admin set the categories to pull items from and regardless if a user could actually view items in that category, it was listed in the block (and when they tried to access it, they'd get a permissions error. Now I compare the categories that you as an admin select vs those the viewing user can "view" and only select items based on matching categories from those two arrays.