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Xenporta and home page options


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I use xenporta 2 on XF 2.0. Are there any options to use xenporta 2 to promote showcase items and/or reviews to the home page? If not, what alternatives can you suggest for me to add content to my home page.

Also, are there sidebar widgets available? Thanks!
Are there any options to use xenporta 2 to promote showcase items and/or reviews to the home page?
If there are, they would have to be included with XenPorta (which I highly doubt there are any). Pretty sure you can add Widgets to XenPorta pages tho (and showcase comes with several widget definitions that allow you to create Showcase related widgets).

Also, are there sidebar widgets available?
Showcase includes 8 Widget definitions. These 8 definitions allow you to create dozens and dozens of different types of Widgets that display Showcase various types of showcase content (SC items, comments, reviews, Polls, Map, Stats etc.). Most definitions allow you to choose the display style, one of which is called "Simple", which is what you'd use to create a sidebar widget.

Note: You can create as many widgets from a single definition as you want/need (and place them anywhere that you want by simply choosing 1 or more widget positions). That is the beauty of the XF widget system.


Each definition has various options that let you create different types of widgets from a single definition.

Example.... lets look at the Showcase: Latest items Widget definition options. As you can see, there are several for this definition. Just look at the display style options alone. You can create a simple widget for displaying in a sidebar, you can create a widget that displays Showcase Items in a Carousel, a Grid etc.