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Resolved Where can I change the title of the page?


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I know it sounds silly and staright forward, but by default is says Article. How can I change that ?

please look at attached image circled in red.




  • Screenshot 2023-06-07 084647.jpg
    Screenshot 2023-06-07 084647.jpg
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AMS 2.2.25 and older uses the phrase: xa_ams_articles

AMS 2.2.26 (upcoming release) uses the phrase: xa_ams_index_page_title (default text is Articles, but meant to be edited to add your own unique page title)

You can also just edit the xa_ams_index or xa_ams_index_modular template and remove the phrase and add your own text (or create your own phrase so that it can be translated in other languages if you have them). That is what most people do.