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Resolved Where can i change the title of discussions-thread?


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Hy Bob,
i'd like to change the title for the discussion-article, but i can't find the position where i've got to do the changes.

Can you please tell me, where the settings for the title are?

kr Chris


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Changing the Title of a Discussion Thread is handled by Core XenForo Discussion Thread functions (specifically the Edit Thread function).

When viewing a discussion thread, thread management is handled via the Thread Tools (More options) drop down. The first action is "Edit thread".


Clicking on "Edit thread" will launch the Edit thread overlay. The first input is for the Thread Title.


You can also manage threads from the Thread List within a Forum. When viewing the Thread list, each thread will have an "Edit" link (if you have the appropriate moderator permissions).


Clicking on the Edit link will launch the Edit thread overlay in which you can change the Thread Title.

Thanks for your reply, but that's not what i want.
I know how to edit the thread title.

I'd like to know, how the title ist generated!?!?

I added three categories to the showroom.
In two categroies the thread-titles are "the same", but in the third categorie, there is an other thread-title.
The thread-title will be generated automatically ... but where???

I searched evrywhere, but couldn't find the place, where i changed the generation for the titles of the third categorie.

The last part ist the "name of the showroom", but where can i change the automatically used text in frnt of this?
I am having a hard time following you because you are asking about things that are not part of Showcase... so please bare with me....

When adding a new Showcase Item, part of the process is selecting the Showcase Category that the Showcase Item will be associated with.

Each Showcase Category has a configuration setting called "Automatically create thread in forum". If that configuration setting is SET (set to a Forum), then when creating a new Showcase item in that category, during the save process, the Create Item Service will automatically create a new discussion thread in the forum that you set in that configuration setting. The TITLE of the newly created thread will be the SAME as the Title of the Showcase Item (it uses the newly created showcase item data for setting things like Thread Title).


There is NO OPTION in Showcase to set a "custom title" for the automatically created discussion thread. The process uses the Showcase Item TITLE to set the Discussion TITLE.

The thread-title will be generated automatically ... but where???
There is no such setting in Showcase. I am not sure where you are getting that from? Showcase has never had such a setting.

If you create a new Showcase Item with the Title "This is a showcase item title" and the category that you are adding the Showcase Item to is set to automatically create a thread in Forum "X", then create service for the showcase item, will run some post save functions that will create a new discussion thread in Forum "X" with the Discussion Thread TITLE "This is a showcase item title".

That same process also creates the 1st post of that thread, which is some simple text with a link to the Showcase Item (which also uses the title of the showcase item at the time of creation). You can change that text via the phrase xa_sc_item_thread_create

Note: once the post is created, its static text just like all other posts (meaning that if you change the title of the Showcase item, its not going to change the title of the showcase item in the first post as the post is RAW TEXT, its not dynamically fetching the content (you'd have to actually edit the first post to change any of the text, just like with any other post).
Sorry for the trouble!
You got me on the right way:
That same process also creates the 1st post of that thread, which is some simple text with a link to the Showcase Item (which also uses the title of the showcase item at the time of creation). You can change that text via the phrase xa_sc_item_thread_create
That's it!

The Showcase creates a discussion-thread, and the text was different in to languages!
I tried it as an admin with a language, wich is not active for users.
So i get a different title for the discussion, as users will get.

Thanks for your help!

.... sorry for my bad english ;-)
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That is one of the downsides to using a Phrase to generate the text for the first post as it apparently is using the viewing users language instead of the default language (that might be a bug).
for me it's not a problem, because users just have the standard language.

I've installed a german translation for this AddOn.
But i use the AddOn as a "Car-Garage" where my users can "park there cars" in ... like a showroom.
The german translation ist good, but uses "Showcase" ... and i'd like to have "Garage" instead of this.
That's why i created a "child-language", which is set as the standard-language.
In this language i changed the phrases with "Showcase" to "Garage" ... and some other translations.
If there will be an update, i could install the german translation, without loosing my personally translations.
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