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What is causing this?

I'd need access to your site to trouble shoot. Its impossible to TS from a screen shot. I can honestly say, I've not ever seen this happen in the 2 full years that I've been using this, so its new to me. Can you hook me up with an admin account that has the managePickem Admin permission?
I bet its a path issue with the images as I changed things from XI to NFLJ. Did you do all the conversion steps from XI to NFLJ?
images should be stored in: styles/default/nflj/pickem/black-chkmrk.png

Old path was: styles/default/xenfluence/pickem/black-chkmrk.png
I like the look of his large images. I actually removed the sidebar on his picks view and it looks pretty decent. The loss of the sidebar is no big deal as the same info is available on the Leaderboard View.