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Implemented Watch Items

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
btw, I should probably let everyone know what "Watching" a Showcase Item does.

When you watch an individual showcase item:
  • Sends an alert/email when the Showcase Owner UPDATES the showcase item * Note 1
  • Sends an alert/email when a new REVIEW is submitted.
  • Sends an alert/email when a new COMMENT is submitted.
Note 1: This alert is sent when checking the "Post update to Thread" option. This will probably be changed to be its own permissions driven option by the time its released. This is to prevent sending alerts on each "save" when editing the item. The concept of the permissions based send alert option would be to give admins finer control on which user groups can send alerts on their items (spam/abuse control measures).

As with core XF, you can opt out of being emailed for each individual showcase item (exactly like the Resource Manager).

As with core XF, you can opt out of being sent alerts by going to the Alert Preferences and unchecking "Updates a watched showcase item", "Reviews a watched showcase item" or Comments on a watched showcase item".
Someone asked me this via PC
Can users that watch items just receive alerts for Reviews instead of updates and comments?

Answer: YES. I've broke out the Watch Alerts into 3 separate Opt Outs to give users options on which alerts they want to receive when watching showcase items:

Receive an alert when someone...
  • Updates a watched showcase item (Someone updates a showcase item you are watching with new content)
  • Reviews a watched showcase item (Someone reviews a showcase item you are watching)
  • Comments on a watched showcase item (Someone posts a comment on a showcase item you are watching)
The Alerts part of this has passed all internal testing. Currently tweaking and testing the emailing functionality. Once that passes internal testing, this will be signed off as fully implemented.
The e-mail part of this has also passed all internal testing.

This functionality is now fully implemented.