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Very Low Priority: AMS FontAwesome Icon in Admin CP

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XenForo Version String: XenForo 2.1.0 Beta 5
Addon Version String: AMS 2.0.0
Stack Trace: N/A
Can you reproduce it here? No
Must be able to reproduce on the Default XenForo Style.

FontAwesome of the newspaper isn't showing next to AMS in the admin control panel.

This is being used (FA v4.2):
fa--xf far fa-newspaper-o fa-fw

This will solve the problem (FA v5):
fa--xf far fa-newspaper fa-fw

For those with OCD like me, until fixed, here's a workaround:
cd /src/addons/XenAddons/AMS/_data
cp admin_navigation.xml admin_navigation.xml-backup
fa--xf far fa-newspaper-o fa-fw
Replace with:
fa--xf far fa-newspaper fa-fw

In the admin CP, Go to Addons > Click the settings button for AMS > Rebuild > Agree to the warnings > Click rebuild. You will now have a newspaper icon next to the AWS menu in the Admin CP.
This has already been implemented in the XF 2.1 version of AMS (AMS 2.1.0 Beta 1).
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If you run into any other XF 2.1 issue, let me know. So far the only things I've come across are FontAwesome related.
If you run into any other XF 2.1 issue, let me know. So far the only things I've come across are FontAwesome related.
Yeah. FA is horrible as they keep updating and adding new icons that I'd like to add to any CMS, but it's so difficult to update on its own without ruining the core of the CMS' support (for instance v4 in WordPress and removing it to add v5 just for v5.0.13 to come out and have a new icon and then having to edit all v4 out or make it backward compatible)... argh. I requested XF to look into 5.0.16 as I like the "blog" icon.

But, I'm doing this all in "production" on 2.1 so if I come across any minor (and major) errors, I'll be sure to report for better releases.

Gotta say that your addon was seamless to install from the zip through the CP. I tried one or two others that I had to do the old fashion way. Kudos there.
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