ams 2.1.0

  1. Bob

    Updated Action bar links now using responsive action bar menu

    As per title, I've updated all of the internal action bar links throughout AMS to use the responsive action bar menu. If you don't know what the action bar is, its the links below the content for EDIT, HISTORY, DELETE etc... (circled in the image below) When the view port hits the narrow...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Video uploads

    Per: XF 2.1 - Unfurling URLs, Emoji enhancements and video uploads AMS has also implemented Video Uploading for Articles (includes article Pages), Comments and Reviews. Video uploading with in these AMS Content types is controlled via permissions. And of course, since AMS has Category...
  3. Bob

    Updated JSON conversion

    as per: XF 2.1 - Welcome to XenForo 2.1 / Assorted improvements I have updated the AMS schema to use JSON going forward as well.
  4. Bob

    Updated Font Awesome 5

    Per: XF 2.1 - Font Awesome 5, Editor button management, Markdown support and more! and XF 2.1 - What’s new for developers in XF 2.1? I've updated all of the AMS templates to use the new FA template helper as well as replaced FA 4.7 Icons with FA 5.0 Icons were applicable.
  5. Bob

    Updated Report LINKs phrase change (using new verb phrase)

    As per title, I've changed all of the report links to use the new xf phrase 'report_verb' instead of 'report'. Reference: Fixed - Phrase report is used as various word types
  6. Bob

    Implemented Reactions

    As per title, I've implemented Reaction handlers for the content types ams_article, ams_comment and ams_rating. These completely replace the like handlers for Articles, Comments and Reviews in AMS. Since this is a Core System, they work the same in AMS as they do in Core XF, XFRM and XFMG, so...
  7. F

    Very Low Priority: AMS FontAwesome Icon in Admin CP

    XenForo Version String: XenForo 2.1.0 Beta 5 Addon Version String: AMS 2.0.0 Stack Trace: N/A Can you reproduce it here? No Must be able to reproduce on the Default XenForo Style. FontAwesome of the newspaper isn't showing next to AMS in the admin control panel. This is being used (FA v4.2)...