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Implemented Vertical Player Picks Overlay

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Yup.. well aware of it. Its a design issue that has been taken care of by switching from a horizontal listing, to a scrolling vertical listing. This change allows for more detailed listings as well. no time frame on the release tho as I am not even close to being done with the rebuild. I MIGHT be able to put out just a template change tho. Can you wait until tomorrow sometime? I am about burned out for the day lol
Yer... no rush Bob. We all need sleep and to have a life.

I was looking at the template, and if you have a way to write the data in a single foreach loop, that would be pretty easy to then write as list items into the overlay with a y scroller.

Even better for that, so names aren't duplicated, would simply be an if statement around each name being written, so that if green, highlighted, if red, highlighted, so the matchup is written once and use to highlight either or, instead of writing the win/loss again.
Looks like I'll be able to just update the CSS and Template and post it as an intermediate template change until I can release the next version.
Player Picks Overlay is now a Vertical Scrolling List. This new layout gives you more customization options as well as there is more horizontal room for each individual game allowing for full team names and images.

Here is an example. I purposely removed the team image for the Raiders so that you can see that if you don't have an image, it uses the text teamname for the "pick". The default CSS image size is set at 32x32 (which can be changed via the player_picks.css to any size you want (larger or smaller).