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Resolved Using XF prefixes for AMS


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It would be great !
I have to re-create identically hundreds of prefixes just for AMS :(
There is no such thing as "XF" prefixes nor is there a Prefix Handler in which Content Types implement.

Individual Content Types can implement a Prefix System for that specific Content Type. Those are independant systems that have no connection with each other (cept for the usage of core templates/less that is designed to standardize things like input forms and display).

For example, XenForo implements a Prefix System for Threads, XenForo Resource Manager implements a Prefix System for Resources, AMS implements a Prefix System for Articles, Showcase implements a Prefix System for Items etc etc etc

Anyway, going to move this to Support as its not possible to use Discussion Thread Prefixes in other Content Types (like XFRM, AMS, Showcase etc).
I thought about a export-import system.
But never mind i will create again all prefixes.
There is an add-on to link Showcase Prefix by BenFF, he may be willing to do one for AMS as well.

Linked Prefixes for Bob's Showcase
At the moment, the Showcase auto-created thread prefix can only be set by category - this add-on allows you to set the thread prefix by Showcase prefix instead, falling back to category if no association set.

Edit: Added the link to the resource as well as including the resource description, so that the OP can see that this addon isn't even remotely what the OP wants (which is to be able to use Thread Prefixes in AMS).
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