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User can see their current balance?


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Where can a user see their current balance when using Sportsbook Cash System?
How about a 'transaction' history of withdrawals (bets) and deposits (wins and gifts)?

Member Card where XF has made it standard for those types of stats.

Also, when you click "place a wager" it tells you how much you have to spend..

Bob B, you currently have $473.00 available to wager on this outcome.

The "My Wagers" has the history and stats of all wagering for an individual
Sportsbook Options..... scroll down till you see this...

General Display Locations
  • Display Recent Events on the forum home sidebar
  • Display Recent Winners on the forum home sidebar
  • Display Sportsbook Node List above Forum Node List
  • Display Sportsbook Node List under Forum Node List
  • Display Sportsbook Currency on member card
  • Display Members Recent Wagers on Profile Tab
Display Sportsbook Currency on member card
Thanks, that was my issue.

I see over at xfShowcase they also have the case showing both as i) an entry up near where the inbox and alerts are, and ii) on the forum homepage, up in the top right corner where the users avatar is an number of posts, etc.
How do we get it in both these places too?
They are using a 3rd party cash system (Think its either brivium credits or bd bank). You can ask Stew what he setup is :)