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Implemented [updated] "Post as Update"


Staff member
During beta testing I noticed one of the testers was making manual posts in the threads saying that the showcase item has been "Updated", so that got me to thinking, why not add functionality to the addon to do that automatically, but only when told to.

So I've added a check box that say's "Post Update" next to the "Save Changes" button when you edit an item. This check box only displays if there is a discussion thread associated with the item. When you check the box, it will automatically make a post to the thread saying that the Showcase Item has been updated. If you don't check the box, it just saves any changes that you have made.

This is a simple yet effective little addition.
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Need to bump this to let everyone know that this is slightly modified now as it is a dual purpose check box.

The check box now says "Post as Update" (in 1.2.0 it said Post Update to Thread).

Now that Showcase has "Watch Item" functionality (which is partially driven off of when an item is updated), I needed to give users a way to save as "Updated" vs a Silent Edit. The most logical way was to use the same check box to kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

So now, when you check the "Post as Update", it will send Alerts and Emails to those watching the Item as well as create a new post in the associated discussion thread (if there is one). This will also change the last_update field in the items table which the Read Marking system is driven off of, so it also will also show up in the "New Items" area as (as well as update the bubble on the showcase tab to a red number).

Not checking the box allows you to SILENTLY edit the item (which only stores a data/time stamp in the date_edited field. This way you can do as much editing as you want and only push updates once you are ready to.
With this would you be able to add a small text box, so you can add text that shows in the post to say why it's been updated?
I find myself marking a item as updated and then going to the thread to edit in a remark in the auto post to say what's been updated.
its doable, but it would require a bit of programming. Its not something that can be accomplished via a template edit.

You can request it (Please start a suggestion in the Suggestion forum). I don't see any reason why the Post an Update couldn't be enhanced to do what you are asking for.