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Implemented Top Commenters Sidebar Block


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It would be nice to have a side block to show the Top x Commentators like we have the Top Contributors block.

Many people love being top of little leader-boards and for many it might help push people more to adding comments to showcase listings.
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Yep it should only count the comments made to Showcase items, also is there a way to show the number of comments each items as on the category listing view? eg. the showcase-category/*****/ page.
What I meant by internal was a sidebar block for the Showcase Home page (and maybe cat/member pages), not Widgets for XenPorta, Renders for bd widget framework or a sidebar block for xenforo forum home.

You can access the comment count for each item on the Category page with this template variable: {$item.comment_count}
Top Commenters block added to Showcase Home Sidebar and Category Sidebar. Category counts comments in Children as well, not just in the top level category. Only visible comments within visible items are counted. Both Blocks can be disabled by setting the amount to display to 0.