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Fixed Tag item count not updating when category is deleted

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I've been deleting some old categories in my Showcase via Admin CP --> Applications --> Showcase: Category Management.

But I've noticed now I've been left with many empty tags and/or tags that don't match up when hovered on the Tag Cloud. I think the tag item count didn't update when I bulk deleted the items by deleting the category itself.

As an example: in the Tag Cloud, a tag that should only have 1 item is still showing as having 52 items on hover and the text size of the tag is large as it's still reflecting the 52 items. Clicking the tag itself though shows the correct 1 item that is tagged.

Is there a way to force the item count for tags to be recounted?

I've tried all the Showcase rebuild options in Tools with no effect..
Did you Delete the empty tags via the Tags Management yet?

Here you can see that I have some empty tags between Aquarium and Camaro....


after deleting they are gone in the backend list and the front end list..

There is an OPTION to automate this (last option on the general options tab)
That cleared the empty tags, but I still have some tags with mismatched item counts.

I can PM you with my board details/admin details if that'll help?
The rebuild Showcase Tags SHOULD be rebuilding the counts. If not, then that would be a bug. Run the "Rebuild Showcase Tags" again
Just letting you know I worked around this by deleting the tags and retagging the affected items (essentially recreating the tags). There were only a handful so didn't take long.

Would still be worth checking out though when you get a chance. :)
OK, I've modified the Showcase Tags Rebuild to now force the deletion of empty tags (since its a complete rebuild) as well as updating the cache for the sidebar tag cloud. Still might need some additional tweaking, but its better than before. It will be available in the next release.
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