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Resolved Survivor- games being postponed/canceled by conferences/leagues


Bob, am I assuming correctly if I delete a game in Survivor the participants who chose that team/game will have their pick returned (aka, like wagers are returned on deleted events in the Sportsbook?)

(Vanderbilt vs Missouri is canceled this weekend and I have several who have jumped on that game for this week.)


Deleting a game will delete everything associated with that game (which includes anyone that made picks on that game).

However, it doesn't RETURN anything (as there is nothing to return). They will have to make another pick before the deadline (it should say "Make your pick" for anyone that made a pick on either team for that game). If they don't make another pick, that will count as a DNP (Did Not Participate) and they will receive a strike.

Just like the Broncos vs Patriots game this past week in the NFL. When I deleted that game, everyone that had picked the Patriots in Survivor had that pick removed, so all they had to do was make another pick.
Also, don't forget, for Survivor Pools, you CAN edit players and remove strikes if you run into a situation that caused players to not be able to make a pick and they get a DNP Strike. I did that this past weekend with any players that had not logged in since the game had been deleted (felt that wasn't fair for them to take a strike in that case). Anyway, if you run into a situation like that, I can walk you though how to deal with it :)