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Pickem2 : Survivor--how do you settle picks on games that were canceled?


I've not settled the games from this past weekend due to this question. @Bob , how do you normally handle games that have been canceled? IE: The South Carolina football game this past weekend that was canceled. In this pool I'm only allowing one strike for 14 weeks...choosing one game that's been canceled gives players more options for week four.

Fortunately, no one picked UofSC last weekend but I'm sure it's going to come up again in the future.
The easiest way to deal with it is to score the game as a 0-0 TIE.

In Pickem, anyone that picked either of those teams won't get any points (and nobody loses points).

In Survivor, anyone picking those teams will receive a strike, however, Survivor Pools have a Edit Player interface that allows you to make adjustments to any individual players Status, Strikes Received and Week eliminated, so you can easily handle the removal of a strike in this case.

Example, here is a player that has been eliminated. If I wanted to, I could change the Player status to "Active", Strikes received from XX to X, set the Week strike 2 received to "No strike" and the Week eliminated to "Not eliminated" and that player would be good to go for the next week.