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Implemented Style Properties - IMS Appearance - Layout Type Element "Share this item"


Staff member
As per title, I've added a new layout type element "Share this item" to most of the Layout Types in the Showcase Appearance Style Properties.

Note: This was a special requested by @Russ from Pixel Exit.

These new elements are ENABLED by default, so if you don't want them, you will need to edit each layout style property and disable them.

Example... Here we are looking at the List view layout Style Properties. You can see the new Element "Share this item".


This uses the Core XF Controller Plugin "Share", which is designed for any Content Type to implement a "Share this [content type]" on a given piece of content. Core XF uses this on Posts within a Thread.

Showcase uses this on various item listings (on a per Layout Type basis).

Here we can see it in action on Showcase Index. It's the same SHARE Icon as Posts (standard) and hovering over will launch the "Share this item" overlay (same one as Posts as its a Core XF content agnostic standardized feature).

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