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Implemented Sticky Article


Staff member
OK, I am going to attempt to explain this the best I can. First, it is impossible to implement this feature to work exactly like Sticky Threads work (for several reasons, two of which are architecture and behavior differences, which are the major reasons then add on that Threads have ONE layout type and AMS has 4 (List View, Tile View, Grid View and Article View).

With that said, I've implemented this feature for Category Pages (which is similar to how Sticky Threads display only on Forum pages and only on the Forum that the Thread is in). When viewing a category page, if there are sticky articles that are owned by that category, then they will display as sticky articles on that category page. If the category has any sub categories, articles from those sub categories do display in the parent (that is just how the XF Category System is designed) HOWEVER, if any of those articles from sub categories are set as a Sticky, they are NOT going to display as a Sticky on any category page except for the category that OWNS the Item.. Again, this is how XF Sticky Threads work, they only display on the Forum that owns the Thread.

STICKIES are not for FEATURING or HIGHLIGHTING content. There are other means to do that. The purpose of a Sticky is to STICK something IMPORTANT at the top of the listing (on page 1 only), that all members should be aware of. It CAN have other purposes, however, the PRIMARY PURPOSE of what I used to DESIGN the feature (which was making it as close to the same behavior as Sticky Threads).


Administration is handled by Moderators with the permission to Edit any article. There are 2 interfaces, one in the more options dropdown on the article itself and the other via inline moderation.

Selection_992.png Selection_991.png


For the most part, LIST VIEW is used for displaying sticky articles, as it has to be a full width layout type (which only List View and Article View are) displayed above the non-sticky articles (same exact behavior as sticky threads on default core XF Forum List). The only exception is when using Article View Layout type, since that is also a full width layout, the sticky articles use that layout type instead of List View.

List View Layout and Sticky Items


Grid View Layout and Sticky Items

As explained above, for the most part, Sticky Articles are display via List View layout (as it needs to be a full width layout type).


Tile View Layout and Sticky Items

As explained above, for the most part, Sticky Articles are display via List View layout (as it needs to be a full width layout type).


Article View Layout and Sticky Items

As explained above, for Article View Layout, the sticky Articles use the Article View Layout Macro (since its a full width layout type).


That's pretty much it in a nut shell. I have no plans to change any behaviors, it is what it is and is designed exactly how I wanted it to work upload_2021-7-26_10-37-12.gif:)
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