ams 2.2.11

  1. Bob

    Implemented Image Gallery (Own Tab) Options : Include reviews images in gallery, Include posts images in gallery

    This feature was funded by a long time AMS license holder and donated back to the community as a core feature of AMS instead of an addon. As per title, I've added some new AMS Options pertaining to the Image Gallery that when enabled, will fetch images from Reviews and or Posts and include them...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Style Properties for Tile View Layout (updated), Featured Items Grid Block and Latest Items Grid Blo

    This is a favor for @Russ from Pixel Exit (he's done quite a few things for me over the years so the least I could so is to do him a favor). If you like this, please give @Russ some love! As per title, I've updated the AMS Appearance Style Properties group by updating Tile View Layout (new...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Sticky Article

    OK, I am going to attempt to explain this the best I can. First, it is impossible to implement this feature to work exactly like Sticky Threads work (for several reasons, two of which are architecture and behavior differences, which are the major reasons then add on that Threads have ONE layout...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Exclude articles within specific categories from displaying on AMS Index Page

    I've added a new Category setting that is used to determine if Article Content from a given Category is fetched and displayed on the AMS Index Page. Note: This is a Per Category setting, not a Per Category TREE setting. It only applies to the specific category itself, not to content in its...
  5. Bob

    Implemented User Criteria - AMS: User has at least 1 article with the prefix id

    There is a new AMS User Criteria that lets you check if the viewing user has any visible articles with a specific Prefix Id set (you can get the prefix Id from the prefix listing). This works with any feature that uses the Core XF User Criteria (Notices, Promotions, Trophy's etc). In this...