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Sportsbook day/days

The phrase 'xa_sb_x_days_from_now' is designed as a plural (for passing in a value larger than 1) and is only used in Sportsbook when the time remaining is greater than 48 hours. Once the time remaining hits 48 hours or less, I only display the Date (which uses the XF date helper for displaying more detailed TIME related display text).
<xf:if is="$event.getTimeRemainingHours() >= 48">
    - {{ phrase('xa_sb_x_days_from_now', {'value': {$event.getTimeRemainingDays()} }) }}

There are no use cases in Sportsbook that would require a phrase "1 day from now" as XenForo automatically starts including the time once the date is less than 48 hours eg. Event closes Tomorrow at 11: AM.... Event closes Later today at 11:00 AM... Event closes In 36 minutes

If you have a specific need (for customization purposes), then I'd suggest creating a custom phrase 'rb9_1_day_from_now' => "! day from now".