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Resolved Sort featured?

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Do we have a sort for featured articles?

My client has

1. Something about the site
2. Something about the forum
3.-5. changing news

The news are featured/unfeatured everytime a new article comes up.
1+2 should stay there always, but on position end and end-1.
The news should stay on 1 to end-2.
Is there a way to do that, please?
I've moved your question to the Support forum. Suggestions are for making a suggestion, not asking questions.

As to your question, its very VAGUE and lacks details like which featured function are you asking about.
  • There is a Featured Slider/GridBlock function for AMS Home page.
  • There is a Featured Slider/GridBlock function for AMS Category Pages.
  • There is a Featured Index page (all featured content in the system)
  • There is a Featured Articles Widget Definition.
The first two are fetched via the method Article::findFeaturedArticles(array $viewableCategoryIds) which uses setDefaultOrder($articleFinder->expression('RAND()')); ... in other words, the content in the "Featured Sliders/Grid Blocks" are fetched randomly.

The third one on the list is handled by an action in the ArticleList Controller Pluggin (actionFeatured). It also uses the method Article::findFeaturedArticles(array $viewableCategoryIds), however, it overrides the default order and sets the order to sort by featured date, descending.
        $finder = $this->getArticleRepo()->findFeaturedArticles($viewableCategoryIds);
        $finder->order('Featured.feature_date', 'desc');

        $articles = $finder->fetch()->filterViewable();

The last one fetches by random only. I'd be open to updating the Featured Articles Widget Definition to include selecting sort order types like the Latest Articles Widget Definition does.
I am sorry about my english. :(

I need something like "display_order" for featured articles.

Some news (10)
Some news (20)
Some news (30)
Something about the site (40)
Something about the forum (50)
I am sorry about my english. :(
Don't be sorry, we've always found a way to communicate ;)

I highly doubt that this is something I'd consider.

It might be easier for you to write a custom "featured" system via an Addon to AMS.
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